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TRADITIONS build community and add warmth and
continuity to life.  We're committed to building a collection of traditions for you to use in your own family or community.  

Each month we'll post a new tradition on this site.  Come read it.  We'll post a variety of traditions:  family traditions, cultural traditions, corporate traditions, and celebration/holiday traditions.  We hope to surprise, inspire and delight you.

And we'd love to hear from YOU. So please write to us at  Be sure to let us know if it's ok to share/publish your idea or experience.
The Blessing Chain this month's selection
  Maria sends us this idea for the holidays.  It is a business tradition you could start at home or at the office.  She bought a special journal, and here is what she wrote in it before she gave it to the guy in the know the one...the guy or gal who always does a good job, even when no one notices.


A Blessing To YOU!! 

Because of all the stress here at

[She put her company's name here], I thought

it was time to turn the tables

and start a blessing chain throughout

the building before we break for

the Holidays.  Here’s how it works:


If you have received this journal it is

because someone thought you were an

exceptional co-worker.  Here is what you

have to do….


1.       Think of the person you would like to bless.

2.       Write in this journal about this person and

            why you chose to bless them.  When you are

finished writing, pass this journal on to that

person.  Just place it on their desk.

3.  Get this person a small gift within 24 hrs.

             Ex. Dollar gift; card, candy, Act of kindness..

             Whatever is in your heart to give.

4.      Please try to get the gift within 24 hrs but please

pass the journal on right away.  We want to pass

this around the building to as many as possible


The last person blessed, must return the journal to

[She put her name and address here] 

Merry Christmas and God bless You!!!!


[By the way, the book was still circulating WAY AFTER THE NEW YEAR!]


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